Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP

Read about advantages and disadvantages of VoIP. Find out how to use this service and how it can help you.
Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP

VoIP service is popular nowadays but not all consumers prefer to use it. The reason is they don't know how to use that service and whether it is helpful or not. The following are advantages and disadvantages that will help you to understand the nature of VoIP service and decide whether it is worth to use it.

There are many pros of using VoIP. The cost of the service is one of them. That phone service that use VoIP costs less than similar service. Long distance calls through VoIP are offered at flat rates, which will ultimately benefit the consumer. Moreover, the consumer can share its voice and data equipment, which means that the expenses are also shared. Having an Internet connection already in place, you can use VoIP at almost no extra cost. If you have any network capacity that you are not currently using, then use it for making calls.

Incoming calls can be automatically routed to your VoIP phone regardless of where you are connected to the Internet. And this is very essential for those people who go on business trips. As you can see, this is another plus of using VoIP. 

One more advantage is that VoIP phones can also be integrated with other Internet services, such as videoconferences and file transfers. While on VoIP phone, each user is able to send or receive messages or data.

Emergency 911 service is the reason why not to think about VoIP. 911 was not an optional feature for VoIP service providers, and 911 calls made after-hours were not guaranteed to be routed to the local area’s emergency call centers of the caller.

The VoIP service has also other cons. One of them is the lack of encryption. And this means that it is relatively easy for someone to eavesdrop on a VoIP call and even change the content of the call. However, there are a few solutions to this problem, but they do not guarantee full security of any calls. The user may be required to utilize encryption and cryptographic authentication, which are not yet readily available to consumers.

The inconsistent sound quality of the calls made with VoIP is another disadvantage. The sound quality is oftentimes fickle and calls often have delays and echoes as well. And this means that some calls made with VoIP might not be as smooth and natural as calls made over landline phones.