Call Center Depot

Find out everything about the Call Center Depot and what it assists with.
Call Center Depot

Call Center Depot – 20 main points

Call Center Depot (CCD) is a full-service consulting group. It assist our clients with:

1. Competitive Benchmark Audits
2. Call Center Assessments

3. Call Center Assessments

4. Six Sigma in the Call Center

5. Call Center Certification

6. Workforce Stability (Turnover Reduction) Assessments

7. Agent, Supervisor, Manager, and Executive Training

8. Call Center Quality Assessments

9. Customer Feedback Programs

10. Quality Program Creation

11. Telephone Systems: Assessments, Acquisition, Integration

12. Process Improvement

13. Outsourcing Selection and Project Management

14. Site Locationmancircl

15. Strategic Planning

16. Disaster Recovery Planning

17. HR Practices

18. Training Audits and Evaluation

19. Workforce Management Evaluations

20. Voice and Internet System Testing, and more