Call Center Dynamics

Get to know more about the work of call centers. Find out how support staff work, read about critics’ opinion on such centers.
Call Center Dynamics

dynamicsInbound and outbound are types of calls. Those calls that are made by the consumer to get information, report a malfunction, or ask for help are called inbound calls. Unlike these calls, outbound calls are calls where agents place calls to potential customers mostly with intentions of selling or service to the individual.

Very often call center staff are organized into a multi-tier support system for a more proficient handling of calls. Thus the first tier in such a model consists of operators, who direct inquiries to the appropriate department and provide general directory information. There are cases when a caller requires more help. Then the call is forwarded to the second tier, where most issues can be resolved.

Sometimes there may be three or more tiers of support staff. So, if a caller requires more help, the caller is forwarded to the third tier of support. Characteristically, the third tier of support is formed by product engineers/developers or highly skilled technical support staff of the product.

Nevertheless, call centers have their critics. And some of them argue that the work atmosphere in such an environment is de-humanizing. But others point to the low rates of pay and restrictive working practices of some employers. There has been much argument over such things as restricting the amount of time that an employee can spend in the toilet. What's more, there also have been times when callers thought that the personnel do not have enough skill or authority to resolve problems.

The close monitoring of staff activities is easy and prevalent. Besides, this can be argued to be helpful, to enable the company to better plan the workload and time of its employees. Very often people have argued that such close monitoring breaches human rights to privacy. But there is another argument. And this is that close monitoring and measurement by numerical metrics can be counter-productive in that it can lead to poor customer service and a poor image of the company.