Entertaining Agent Training

Get to know more about entertaining agent training; learn how storytelling and games can boost call center training fun and efficiency.
Entertaining Agent Training

Storytelling and games boost call center training fun and efficiency
Call centers, serious about improvement adult learning, are involving telling stories and playing games.
entertaining_trainingNo joking around: at the same time as a lot of centers flood and bore agents with direct instructive training, modern companies have recognized that telling stories, and playing video games may aid to raise not just the fun share but also the efficiency of both new-hire and permanent training.

Stories and games are appealing, particularly in a business environment, where workers have become so used to— and bored by — learning significant information and skills by means of lectures and practical manifestations.

An occupied mind is an open one, state training professionals. If not completely engaged, grown-ups can be trained, but they aren’t prone to keep the main information, and they definitely won't be excited about applying what they've learned.

And, with so much competition and product similarity in contemporary business world, having educated, excited workers is frequently what makes a customer to select your business over another. Therefore, it’s not that training should be fun — it’s that it must be.

Get into the game
More and more call centers are learning the advantages of amusing employees to train them. As they say, “amusement plus learning provids inspiration.”

Consider the following encouraging features of what is called “entertainment”
• Experimental learning
• Active involvement (taking decisions, which have results)
• Inquiry-based learning (what occurs when I do this?)
• Authenticity (like real life)
• Self-efficiency (workers may re¬hearse success)
• Encourages creating teams
• Facilitates constructive criticism

To completely involve employees and encourage learning, it is recommended to create sociable disputes around every game, where workers are involved in friendly contest and earn some prizes.