Types of Call Center Jobs

Discover the types of call center jobs and the skills the employees should have to work in a call center.
Types of Call Center Jobs

call_center_staffCall center jobs are divided by levels of specialization with respective titles in order to create a more organized and efficient work system. Common call center types of jobs include customer servicerepresentatives, supervisors, training managers, training delivery, training development, quality monitoring or quality assurance team, workforce schedulers, business analysts, process specialists, hiring managers, information technology, and call center managers or directors.

Each type of job requires special professional skills, has role and responsibilities and has its own level of work. 

First Type – Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representative’s work lies in direct interaction with customers during outbound or inbound calls and transaction processing with the use of a computer.

Choosing an employee for this type of job it is important to select one with appropriate abilities. He or she must be customer-service oriented, listening, communicative, experienced computer user, have good social, multi-tasking skills, also skills in writing, conflict management, telephone etiquette, sales (for certain call centers).

Second Type – Call Center Supervisors

The candidates for supervisor vacancies have to be able to support customer service representatives in groups. Call center supervisors mostly deal with personnel; they help them to formulate professional improvement plans, measure the performance of agents. Sometimes call center supervisors even assist the operators with complicated contacts.

Third Type – Training Managers

Training manager is also given a defined role in the company; he is managing the development and delivery of training for the call center. This work sometimes involves curricular improvement, training improvement and training application. Training managers are usually responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the trainings. The functions of training delivery as an area of call center jobs are somewhat similar with the functions of the training manager. A training delivery is responsible for holding training classes to customer service agents to guarantee better performance.

Choosing the personnel for other types of call center jobs it is necessary to remember that every part of job can be performed differently but a lot of call center job elements have a common responsibility and the same principle of promoting the best service.