On-Demand VoIP Call Centers

Things Your On-Premise Call Center Supplier Never Told You, And Probably Won’t.
On-Demand VoIP Call Centers

Small Footprint, Big Results -The Advantages Of On-Demand VoIP Call Centers: Things Your On-Premise Call Center Supplier Never Told You, And Probably Won’t

Starting from 2000 the software industry has been undergoing a transformation in which software functionality has been separated from the traditional aspects of ownership and operation. It was led by the CRM industry, and within it, sales force automation (SFA) vendors, the transformation has been largely driven by economics. Nowadays, very small to quite large customer organizations access CRM functionality on-demand across the Internet for a small fraction of the prices they once paid for the same capabilities installed in their data centers.

These customers do not receive some low priced and low quality imitation of “real” applications. Most commonly, what has become known as “on-demand” software rivals traditional solutions not only in areas of performance but also in enabling greater business flexibility and lower operating costs. Solutions on-demand have also migrated across the enterprise from the front office to some back office operations.

Regarding the growing sophistication and acceptance of on demand solutions has reached a high point in the call center. Here, the traditional benefits of on-demand computing are magnified as significant investments in call center build out are being spread across multiple customers to reduce barriers to successful business development. The one key transformative aspect of the on-demand call center is the reliance some have placed on using the Internet as the telecommunications carrier. Voice over Internet Protocol is enabling users to save significantly on telecommunications charges, further improving the advantages of on-demand call centers.

What is the most important, however, the on-demand call center has freed call centers to experiment with new business models that exploit differences in time and location further reducing costs. Availability of access to expensive call center technology at low prices has left call center operators better able to focus on their customers’ needs instead of their own ability to simply deliver services. on-demand

The business implications of the on-demand call center is being explored, specifically the savings that can be gained in several representative configurations in use today. Like with other areas of CRM in which on-demand solutions have made in-roads, established on premise vendors stand to lose as adoption accelerates setting up dueling claims and counter-claims. Nevertheless, we believe the advantages of on-demand are so compelling that the call center, like other areas of CRM before it, will inevitably convert to this computing style.