Call Center Outsourcing

Seek out the advantages and disadvantages of call center outsourcing.
Call Center Outsourcing

Running a corporate call center in today's business climate is an intimidating task. When equipment costs are constantly increasing, recruiting qualified personnel becomes more and more difficult, technology issues cause a lot of troubles, call center outsourcing provides the opportunities to have everything under control. Outsourcing removes those burdens and gives you time to concentrate on the main point of your work.

call_center_outsourcingOutsourcing is the delegation of non-core operations from internal production to an external entity that specializes in managing those operations. The decision to use outsourcing is often made with the aim to lower firm costs, save energy directed at the competencies of a particular business, or to efficiently use of labor, capital, resources and technology. Outsourcing is relative to the restructuring of the firm. Historically, outsourcing is a term relative to the organization of labor within and between societies.

Advantages the call center outsourcing can provide:

Investment - Nowadays the demands of a call center include much greater investment than before, it increasers the need of effective call center outsourcing. Outsourcers have the infrastructure and management team necessary to satisfy all of your call center outsourcing needs. So you can buy the capabilities you need right now, without paying for what might be necessary in future. Outsourcers are able to satisfy the needs of a growing business also.

Technology – Launching new technologies can make every company successful. Usually the outsourcing companies are ahead of the call center technology curve, and sometimes some of them even set the curve for call center outsourcing. Such companies employ and develop the most advanced technology to provide clients with fully integrated solutions.

Resources – It takes a lot of special skills to manage a productive call center, as you should be able to train your staff, administer their work, install and maintain different systems, know the telephone network technology, sales, and legal issues surrounding your work. Utilizing outsourcers for your call center will allow you to take the advantage of their large volume of work and varied client base. Outsourcers can attract and retain the top specialists in the teleservices field.

Disadvantages of outsourcing:

Quality Of Service - Sometimes the performance or quality of the outsourced service cannot be on par with the expected standards of management and consumers.

Security – Outsourcing can cause security troubles when the confidential customer information is given to the outsourcing company. In April of 2005, a high-profile case involving the theft of $350,000 from four Citibank customers occurred when Indian call centre workers in Pune, India, acquired the passwords to customer accounts and transferred the money to their own accounts opened under fictitious names.