Call Center Performance

Read about the call center performance and its most important measures.
Call Center Performance

call_center_performanceThere are many standards traffic measurement that allow network managers and analysts to make day-to-day decisions about operations and to plan for long-term developments that can be performed on a call center. These standards help define the performance levels of the call center. The most important performance measures are listed below.

• The regular delay a client may undergo waiting in a queue
• The average dealing time
• The average conversation time
• The number of calls per hour that one call center agent handles.
• The percentage of calls answered in a certain time period (Service Level)
• The percentage of calls which fully solve the client’s problem (if the client does not call back about the same issue for a determined time period, the resolution is considered a successful one).
• The amount of time spent while an agent processes client’s inquiries and does not speak to a client
• The percentage of calls when a client hangs up or "abandons" the call. Calls are often abandoned because of the long hold times, especially during the busy hour
• Quality Assurance monitored by a quality assurance team.
• Percentage of time that call center agents spend unready to answer the calls.