Call Center Staff Organization

Find out how to organize the staff of your call center in a way that will increase their productivity in solving customers’ problems.
Call Center Staff Organization

Call center is a place that handles outsourcing solutions and it has a determined call dynamics. One important aspect of the call center activity that should be considered is staff organization. Staff in the call centers is usually organized in layers.

call_center_staff_organizationThe lowest layer consists of the operators that are very
specialized. They use a simple script and can provide the information only about a couple of issues. In many call centers if such an operator is asked a question the answer to which he doesn’t know, he transmits it to someone, who is more skilled. More skilled employees usually belong to the second layer. In many companies the third layer is arranged for further support and it consists of highly-skilled agents.

Just like any other institutions, call centers also have their critics. They usually deal with issues connected to work environment and the relationships between the call center employees, salary rates and some inadequate behavior of the call center agents. Since there have always been complaints about the call centers’ poor work, critics often control the way the agents work.
Many call centers even have permanent supervising systems that monitor the personnel’s work. On one hand such quality control helps to plan the employees’ workload better, but on the other hand, it really reduces the agents’ performance and results in poor quality of the customer service. Employees feel that they are constantly being monitored and it makes them strained.

It is very important to include human factor in considering the call center activity as it influences its work greatly. Follow the rules and it will help protect the company’s image and solve clients’ problems as well.