Look through the list of main technologies that a call center uses in its activity.
call_center_technologyA wide range of different technologies are used by call centers, which allows them to administer a lot of work.

Such technologies guarantee that call center agents are kept as productive as possible and that calls are processed and queued as quickly as possible, resulting in high levels of service quality.

Here is the list of main technologies that call centers use in their activity:

• ACD (automatic call distribution)
• ACW (After call work)
• Automated surveys
• BTTC (best time to call)/ Outbound call optimization
• Agent performance analytics
• IVR (interactive voice response)
• CTI (computer telephony integration)
• Guided Speech IVR
• Outbound predictive dialer
• Enterprise Campaign Management
• CIM (customer interaction management) solutions (Also known as 'Unified' solutions)
• CRM (customer relationship management)
• Email Management
• Desktop Scripting Solutions
• Outsourcing
• Chat and Web Collaboration
• TTS (text to speech)
• Third Party Verification (Third party verification)
• WFM (workforce management)
• Voice analysis
• Virtual queuing
• Voicemail
• Voice recognition
• VoIP
• Voice recording
• Speech Analytics