Call Center vs. Contact Center

Discover the difference and the relation between the call center and the contact center.
Call Center vs. Contact Center

A very common opinion about the call center is that people here answer phone calls. The difference between the call center and the contact center is that the contact center deals not only with phone calls, but also with emails, faxes and online communication – including instant messaging.

Traditionally, contact centers are referred to as call centers.  The contact center is not only the newer name for the call center – this phrase also shows that more than just phone calls are being handled. Over the years a lot of call centers have evolved to do much more than just answer phone calls. 

There are companies that choose to separate the handling of customer contacts by medium.  For example, a company can establish a center receiving inbound calls, and another one receiving outbound calls, and a group for email. Small companies usually prefer to create “universal agents” who handle all types of contacts.  Such universal contact agents are very efficient and their service is of high quality, and often it is easier to train agents in multiple communication methods than to train multiple agents in product or service information. 

As a conclusion we can say that it’s up to the customers to choose how they want to communicate with your company, and it’s up to you to respond correctly their inquiries through your company’s contact center.