Criticism of Call Centers

There are critics in our life that always argue about something and call centers are not the exceptions. Read the article about criticism of call centers and find out what callers and staff complain about.
Criticism of Call Centers

In spite of good work of call center staff, there are many critics who argue about it. We can divide criticism on two categories:

From Callers:
• Very often callers complain about operators working from a script.
• The next are non-expert operators (call screening).
• Unskilled or unqualified operators incapable of processing customers' requests efficiently.
• Overseas location, with language and accent problems.
• They also complain about automated queuing systems. This sometimes results in very long hold times.
• Callers' complaints are also that departments of companies do not engage in communication with one another.
• One more is deceit over location of call center (such as allocating overseas workers false English names).

From Staff:
• As for staff, they also have their complaints, and the first is close scrutiny by management (e.g. frequent random call monitoring).
• They complain about low compensation (pay and bonuses).
• Restrictive working practices (some operators are required to follow a pre-written script) is the next one.
• It is high stress: a common problem associated with front-end jobs where employees deal directly with customers.
• Verbose job task.
• Poor working conditions (e.g. poor facilities, poor maintenance and cleaning, cramped working conditions, management interference, lack of privacy and noisy).

Nevertheless, call centers are needed and with the help of them people can get wanted information. Call center operators work a lot, helping in this way their clients. But we all know that criticism is always expected.