How to Hire Call Center Professionals

Find out how to hire call center professionals. Consider questions you should answer the candidates, characteristics to pay attention to before hiring.
How to Hire Call Center Professionals

It is very important for your call center company to have professionals who are always polite, well-informed and in a good temper. And for this you have to choose the needed candidates and not to mistake in your choice. You should remember some facts that will help you to do this. Never consider hiring a call center professional unless you have first talked to them on the phone.

hire-professionalsThe sound (voice-tone presence) but not appearance is the main characteristic you should pay attention to. If you bristle when you hear their voice, what will your customer do? If you lip-read to interpret their dialog while they answer a face-to-face interview question, what will your customer do on the phone? You shouldn't hold face-to-face interviews for a telephone position unless they first qualify by sound and voice-tone. This is because phone-presence is the first cut.

But your company may have a standard procedure to conduct initial interviews of job candidates face-to-face. In this case before you offer anyone a call center job make sure, there is also a back-end telephone conversation with someone who has never physically seen the candidate.

The following are some added questions you can ask during a telephone interview to assess someone's verbal ability and presence, their "sound" quality. Don't forget that you want to understand how they handle themselves when given only their voice tone and vocabulary choices to make an impression.

• What do you understand the job to be?
• Why are you interested in it? What do you like most in it?
• Why do you think you would be good at it?
• Please, describe the image you try to convey over the phone.
• What do you think about yourself as a listener? Are you a good one? How do you know?
• Describe a recent movie / book / TV show.

It is very important for you to remember the next thing: if the person applying for a call center position doesn't impress you on the phone, then there is no need for more interviews. Look for other persons.