Call Center Lingo

Find out the arcane terms, epigrammatic abbreviations, and weird words used in the call center management software industry.
Call Center Lingo

This is an Automatic Call Distribution. By matching customer phone numbers with a database, automatically routes calls to the appropriate call center reps. An agent should take certain calls based on the customer's products, geography, or any other parameter. And you specify which agent should do this.

This is an Average handle time. It means that the mean time a call center rep spends with a client on the phone plus the amount of work spent on the account after the call.

This is an Automatic Number Identifier. It shows you the phone numbers of incoming calls, alike to caller ID for home telephone service. With this call center reps can directly pull the callers' details up on screen for a call.

It is an Application Service Provider. With off-site hosting option you can access your call management software that's running on a third-party provider's network.

This is a call management software feature that automatically dials phone numbers and provides a pre-recorded message that prompts the listener to press the phone keypad to respond. Track of call times, length of call, and the call results are things autodialing keeps.

Call accounting
This application captures and archives call data from your phone system. Then it organizes it into reports. With this helps your expenses are kept under control. Besides, costs are allotted throughout the call center.

Call blending
With this call center agents can handle both inbound and outbound calls relying on call volume.

Call center
The main task of such center is to handle customer inquiries from web forms, email, and phone calls and routes them to available agents. Moreover, it can be an internal department or an outsourced service. So, it also offers services for help desk, customer service, directory assistance, emergency response, answering services, telemarketing, and more.

Concurrent users
They are people who can use a call center function at the same time.

Conditional routing
Changes call center routing based on situations that you define. To let your call management software know what it should do, conditional routing uses "if-then" programming.

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