Performance Matrix

Find out the call center's parameters and how their performance is evaluated.
Performance Matrix

Call center parameters

1. Average Talk time per caller (ATT)
matrix2. Average Handling Time (to get this data one should add average talk time per person (ATT), hold time and wrap up time) (AHT)
3. Service Level – it is the percentage of calls answered within a decided time frame (SL).
4. Call answered per hour per agent (CPH)
5. Average Hold time – the time a caller has been put on hold (AHT)
6. First Call Resolution – it is the percentage of calls in which the caller’s query has been completely resolved in the first call itself (and the caller will not have to call back again for the same query) (FCR)
7. Abandon Rate - it is the percentage of calls that have been abandoned (i.e., could not be serviced) (AR)
8. Idle Time – it is the percentage of time that an agent has been idle (services no calls) (IT).
How to evaluate a call

To evaluate a call a Team Leader listens to a call being serviced by an agent (without letting the customer know) and scores the agent on the following parameters:
      1. Courtesy: How courteous was the agent? How did he/she start and end of the call?
      2. Accuracy: Was the information given by the agent correct? Did he/she give correct
         information to the customer’s query?              
      3. Service Excellence: Did the agent provide the customer with the additional information that would prevent him from calling back? Did the agent cross sell a product/service?