Deliverables & Project Steps

Discover some examples of deliverables requied to design a call center.
Deliverables & Project Steps

Here are the examples of deliverables and the project steps required to design and start-up and/or expand a call/contact center :

1. Define the Enterprise Vision for Customer Contact: Now & Future
2. Estimate & Project Call Volumes: Modeling & Scenarios

3. Develop Estimated Staffing Projections & Forecasts (Erlang C)

4. Analyze Cost Parameters & Service Level Options

5. Evaluate In-house or Outsourcing Options, Including the Development of RFQ's, Pricing, and Costs/Benefits

6. Define Detailed Start-up Strategies & Project Planning

7. Design Customer Contact Processes, Scripts, & Protocols

8. Define the Start-up Technology Architecture, Including Functionality, Features, & Scalability Requirements for ACD/PBX/eBusiness Portals, Interactive Voice Response Units (IVR's), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Web Interaction Tools & Suites, Workforce Management and Voice/Data/Electronic Monitoring Technology

9. Develop CRM Applications & the Multi-channel Interfaceder2

10. Define the Agent Workstation & Desktop Requirements

11. Recommend the Telecommunications & Network Infrastructure

12. Estimate Trunking Requirements (Erlang B)

13. Coordinate Technology Vendor Selection & Implementation

14. Develop Human Resource & Performance Management Programs for Recruitment, Selection, Training, QA, & Compensation

15. Manage & Coordinate the Start-up/Outsourcing Project