New Touch Point With Customers

Get to know how callcenters today have become the new touch point with the customers
New Touch Point With Customers

 Call Centers As The New Touch Point With Customers

No one would argue that call centers have become the touch point for customers and business. Such contact centers have grown from simple telephone sales to full customer service organizations. The call center has delivered on the promise of lower overall costs to many businesses from billing issues and quote requests to full sales teams.

From a practical standpoint call centers are actually a technology center that can be used for many things. These include:

1. Direct telephone answering - customers call into the center with specific issues or problems.totchpoint

2. Support Calls - any technological product that needs technical support are now using call centers.

3. Outbound Calling - calls to existing customers can be placed throughout the world from a centralized contact center.

4. Outbound Pre-Sales - prospect calling to develop potential sales opportunities.

5. Quotes - customers can call in for rate quotes on products.

6. Sales - handling sales generated from a direct mailing, television or other advertising program.

7. Email - many call centers now offer direct email processing. Sometimes customers email for specific problems or questions and have them answered usually within 24 hours.

8. IVR - Interactive Voice Response - customer interaction with a computer system to obtain information or route the call to the correct department.

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