Call Center Training Material

Get to know how call centre agents should be trained and what topics have to be considered by every instructor.
Call Center Training Material

To run properly, call center operations need good qualified agents who do a good job. And all these depend on top level Call Center Training Material. Many think that it is not so important, but a good training is the key to the success of any call center.

Instructors are needed to cover some important topics when training. The following are those topics that every agent has to discuss thoroughly.

Computers Training
Every agent has to be well-informed in the company's proprietary programs. Call center training material should be written properly, that allow trainees ample time to work through the various systems in realistic scenarios. For ensuring proper training, an agent should take a pre-test and post-test. All tasks should be performed on a pre-determined activity check list to show complete competence. 

Soft Skills Training
Call center training materials must cover the handling of angry customers, negotiation skills and sales training. All agents are considered sales, people and must be well prepared to maximize the revenue generated by every interaction.

Telephone System Training
Login on to the phone, properly categorizing all various activities throughout the day should be covered by the phone systems training materials. It is not allowed for agent to hit the phones without a clear understanding of all functions of the phone as well as the expected codes to document their actions.

Human Resources Training
Such information as work hours, benefits, sexual harassment, substance abuse, etc, must be included in the call center training material. Thus, the part of the call center training material should be dedicated to various Human Resources topics. Agents must be well aware of their expectations as employees.

Product Training
Each company has its own set of products and services that must be covered in their respective call center training materials. As for product training, it should be at least 1/3 of the training. This is because it will be a topic that will come up in nearly every interaction with a customer. Every caller wants to hear the answering agent and expects him to be an expert regarding the products and services provided by their employers, anything less is simply unacceptable.

Process & Procedure Training
The process and procedure training are very important parts of the training materials. This training teaches new agents "how", and knowing how stuff gets done at work is perhaps more important than anything else. Any call center organization should have the extensive information about how to submit trouble tickets, who the contact person is for certain requests, how to request time off, who to look up information in their knowledge base (or hard copy folders), how to give refunds, etc. Typical Training tools include: classroom instruction, role plays, shadowing, nesting.