Types of Call Centers

Discover everything about inbound and outbound call centers
Types of Call Centers

Inbound Call centre
In an inbound call centre the customers dial in and the agents answer the call. This is called an “incoming” call to the agents of the call centre. In fact technologically, an Automated Call Distribution system is used to distribute the incoming calls to specific queues in the agent’s terminals for getting serviced by them.
To say it differently, the customer calls a single number (generally a toll-free number) and supposing the call centre has five agents. Basically the ACD distributes the calls received to the terminals of the agents, so that the call gets answered in the least possible time.
So, the Inbound call centre would be a customer service centre and would service calls related to back office operations, credit card operations, banking and finance, and a whole lot of other industries. There an agent is generally expected to answer around a 100 -120 calls per day.

Outbound Call Centre
In an outbound call centre is one in which the agents call up the customer. This is an “outgoing” call for the agents in the call centre. There, agents use a Dialer to call up the customers. An Outgoing dialer is a computerized system that automatically dials a batch of telephone numbers for connecting the agents involved in telesales or other outbound callings.
The outbound calling is done for any of the following reasons:
1.  Retention Callings

2.  Tele – sales

3.  Customer Surveys

4. Payment Collection Callings

5.  Query Resolution Callings 
One needs to keep in mind that the outbound callers need to completely understand the laws of the country they are dialing to.  There are some countries are pretty rigid about the DND (Do not Disturb) list and the timings when the calling can be done.