Virtual and Contact Centers

Get to know what the virtual call center is and what advantages over the physical call center it has.
Virtual and Contact Centers

virtual_call_centerWhile a simple call center is a physical place where the operators are located, a virtual call center is a call center in which the call center agents are geographically dispersed.

The employees of such call centers are sometimes divided into small groups that operate in a number of small centers, but mainly they work at home. Work in virtual call center is very attractive to employees because it offers flexible working hours, doesn’t require a certain dress code and commuting. This type of a call center is also convenient for the company that arranged it since it doesn’t have to pay for quarters and equipment. Such type of organization is also able to lower labor turnover rates that are very high in physical call centers.

Virtual call center model can be very beneficial to the companies that set it. With the help of virtual call centers more inquiry calls can be converted into orders, fewer calls have to be transferred to higher-level employees. For the companies, whose business to a greater extent depends on the season, there is no need to maintain large facilities all-the-year-round and they can increase or reduce the quantity of employees without firing them.

Even physical call centers attempt to present customers with a virtual representation of a company’s office in order to look more professional and raise client confidence. When a client calls to a customer service or technical support service, he gets the impression that his call reaches a physical unit within the organization, when actually, it reaches a company that outsources support for a couple of different organizations. When the customer dials a virtual call center number, his call is very likely to reach some stay-at-home parent’s living room or student’s dorm room.

In today’s competitive contact center market, discovering new and innovative ways to use technology are essential. Virtual Contact Center solutions help companies maintain their quality of service and reduce overall costs. Virtual Contact Centers offer a considerable advancement in contact center services and you can recognize the benefits of a Virtual Contact Center whether your run a small, medium-sized, large scale, or seasonal business. Because Virtual Contact Center allows call center operators to interact with callers in spite of of their physical or network origin—your contact center can be located at any place in the world.

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