Round the Clock Call Center

Get to know the advantages of running a round the clock call center.
Round the Clock Call Center

Many companies stimulate their market 24 hours a day. Sales literature, web sites or advertising prospects are reached frequently overnight and on weekends.

Imagine the situation when your customer is ready to buy and your doors are closed for the day? What do you do then?

round_the_clock_serviceHave you ever had a situation when you've called somewhere and heard an answering machine asking you to call back in business hours, or even worse, no answering machine at all?

You can hope that potential buyer is the patient type and will keep calling to use your company’s goods and services. Or, perhaps, he will satisfy his need by buying something from the other supplier, your competitor.

There are not so many companies that can afford staffing and equipping for 24 by 7 live staff or order-taking operation.

A professional live answering service can be a useful solution, especially for retailers, contractors or professionals. Nowadays such services not only take and transmit messages, they also provide the valuable service of a live receptionist able to answer inquiries, take orders or make appointments.

Qualified and properly trained operators are able to answer each call as if they were your company’s worker. The operator’s computer queue the calls and instantly identifies their sources. A prepared script or fact sheet is use to answer the call.

In addition to off-hours call answering, many call centers can answer calls after a determined number of rings or when there is a busy signal during periods of hyper-activity, often saving a sale.

The reality is most businesses are open less than one-third of the day. That is a small opportunity for your clients to purchase.

With our modern lifestyle and economy people want to satisfy their needs as quickly as possible. If your service is not available when they are ready to buy, you may have a disappointed potential buyer or prospect, or worse yet, a lost sale.

Think over a professional 24/7 call answering service to handle this problem for your company. Your customers will be satisfied and therefore your sales will increase.