Call Center Measurement Toolkit

There is one crucial tool that helps you to improve the performance of your call center. Find out what it is, what it includes and what its objectives are.
Call Center Measurement Toolkit

Call Center Measurement Toolkit is a crucial tool. Its main aim is to teach you how to assess and improve the performance of your call center. It will promote your understanding of the functions and procedures that will enhance your call center performance and increase its effectiveness.

A complete, alphabetized guide to performance measurement that is easy to understand and easy to fulfill is what this toolkit provides. Besides, each measurement area includes complete definitions, common mis-uses of terms, aim setting tips and recommendations. It also shows how to work out each measurement area for your call center. All these will improve performance in the each area.

Measurement areas in the toolkit include:

call-toolkitAbandon Rate
Availability and Agent Utilization
Average Speed of Answer (ASA)
Cost per contact by media
Contact Volume
Customer Satisfaction
Handle Time
One Call Resolution Rate
Quality Monitoring
Schedule Adherence
Service Level
Span of Control
Turnover Rate 

This toolkit includes:

• In-depth templates, graphs and guidelines to help you understand the definitions of each call center measurement
• Explanations of different industry perspectives on each area of call center management
• Methods to accurately benchmark your results against industry data
• Recommendations and ideas you can act on immediately to initiate improvement projects
• Tips for improving your call center benchmarking results
• Formulas for determining when you have made accurate and valid comparisons

Other call centers will help you to improve your benchmarking results and know when you have made correct and valid comparisons.