How to Choose Software

Consider the main requirements the call center software should meet.
How to Choose Software

If you need to improve your information management, customer service, staff productivity, you should choose the right call center software. Since the market offers a large number of solutions, it will be hard for your company to concentrate on a single choice.

Remember that all call centers have different requirements, and choose the software that meets the requirements of your particular call center. The most common indications about what needs the software should satisfy are listed below.

1. It's User Friendly – There’ nothing worse than to spend a lot of money on a "super" call center application, and then to find out that in order to make it work in a proper way you need to hire Professional Services to fulfill the task in three weeks.

2. It Provides Real Time Statistics for the Agents – Keeping this information  in front of employees at all times makes team environment tighter, results in competent  agent decisions and most importantly, improved agent productivity day by day. It will build a better peer environment and lessen the pressure for managers and supervisors.

3. It Easily Integrates into Office Systems – Tight environments are very efficient, so if you were able to easily integrate your call center activity with your office systems, you could have three benefits: a saving of more than 16 seconds per call, bigger caller experience and a competitive differentiator. Popping your Siebel screen or prioritizing calls according to your database info is also possible, however it comes down to cost, complexity and value.

4. It Offers Callback Functionality – Nowadays no one has time to wait on hold? Instead, callers can be called back by operators at their convenience, and not at the company’s. Offering the caller such an option, while still maintaining their position in queue, is key.

5. It Includes an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System – Such system can extract caller information from the database to present to the caller. The caller’s requirements are met and the company does not have to employ more staff to provide information that is readily available. Sometimes clients need simple, daily information that doesn’t require operator handling.

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