International Call Centers

Find out the difference between international call center and domestic one. Read how such centers work and what they provide.
International Call Centers

There are international call centers and they are among the fastest growing industries in the world. With call centers a cosmopolitan work atmosphere with a network of offshore operations in unlike nations is established. Besides, using advanced call handling facilities and multilingual, on-the-phone translation skills, this business network enables access to universal staff and provides 24 hours comprehensive customer service.

internationalMany inbound and outbound services are provided with international call centers. Telemarketing, customer support, e-commerce, e-mail handling, chat, surveys, web forms, sales/retention programs and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) are some of the services rendered. And these are carried out through telephone or web-based support solutions.

International call centers use up to date technology. And in this way, they meet all kinds of queries from clients and offer customized solutions for specific business problems. Skilled and experienced business professionals form the backbone of an international call center. Their task is to manage long and short term projects. By the way, these centers hold a centralized database and the latest call center technology, comprising computers, soft phone, voice logging, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), call blending, IVR and fax on demand, predictive dialer software and ACD (Automatic Call Distributor), that enable them to process large volumes of work very easily.

Many commercial centers establish international call centers. Their main aim is to help customers to get product or service information, buy calling cards and make collect calls in an affordable way. As call center operations are customer focused, then the services are quite different from other business dealings. Toll free services are offered by most companies for contacting call centre consultants. This is a helpful strategy for hotel reservations, airline reservations, technology solutions and banking services.

International call centers are mainly driven by increased business competition, globalization and mainly, customer expectations. But we can't say the same about domestic call centers. International centers are really cost effectual. Because of lack of backup they do not face any downtime, and can handle up to 80% calls without any agent intervention.