Keeping Your Call Center POSITIVE

This article will help you to manage your call center business more successful and keep it positive.
Keeping Your Call Center POSITIVE

keeping-positiveHaving a call centre business, you understand that it is not an easy job to manage a room with potentially hundreds of people in it. Your goal is to help them to be productive. But how you can do this? That’s why, you should know the right ways. One of the best ways is by managing the mood of the place.

The following are the main pointers that will help you in this task:
1. Identifying your center's "opinion leaders." And these are usually folks in the rank and file who have no formal power, but lots of the informal kind. But perhaps nothing you can see makes them leaders, and you might never think over them for management, but a simple fact remains. However, one thing makes them leaders. That is the availability of followers.

But when you have group meetings and you mention a change in procedure, then observe who receives the glances from his or her peers. Try to keep a close eye on these folks, and make sure they're on the same page with you. And first, inform them about upcoming changes. Ask for their support. However, don't ever reveal that you have pegged them as being informal leaders.

2. Patrolling your center on a regular basis. Wear a smile, as it is very important. Don't forget to say "nice to see you," and ask how people are doing. Nevertheless, it's part of your job, and your obvious conviviality keeps the tone light and positive.

3. Giving the group daily objectives for hitting sales targets or handling large call volumes. You should announce how they’re doing at crucial times.

4. Recognizing individuals in a big enough voice for them and at least a dozen others around them to hear.

5. Removing sourpusses from the room, quietly, and quickly. You should have a brief pep talk with them.

But make sure they're energized before mainstreaming them again.
Remember that when managing a call center, it's your duty to keep it positive. So, try these things and it will be easier for you to manage your business.