Long Distance Call Center Solutions

Get to know more about long distance call center solutions. Read what it consists of and how it can help.
Long Distance Call Center Solutions

Nevertheless, there are long distance call center solutions that consist of logically designed software systems that integrate the information stored in the database for providing easy accessibility to both call center agents and customers. The software helps in lessening the number of long distance calls directed towards the call center with the use of alternative channels enabled by the software.

With these solutions customers can directly access the database for getting answers to repetitive and easy to answer questions. But this lessens workload on agents and in this way they can focus on top priority issues such as handling inquiries that require human interaction. Having been stored in the intelligent database, the information is also used for replying to customer queries via e-mail, live chat, and phone calls.

The e-mail response management component of the software is designed according to sophisticated workflow processes that enable agents to provide fast and effectual responses to customer questions. Its task is to scan incoming inquiries and suggest automatic replies for the most common questions. Moreover, it allows automatic routing of multiple channel queries based on agent skill sets, customer history, and agent availability. Every transaction entered by a customer to create a detailed customer profile, which is used for future referrals, is captured.

The main advantage of it is that it helps in generating survey questionnaires based on customer profile, which is used to monitor and track customer satisfaction levels, get feedback on new product designs, and learn about customer preferences and buying habits. So, the software enables on demand and closed incident surveys, web survey links, custom mailing lists as well as complete survey-tracking administration including survey workflow notification and response scoring.

Many call centers have used long distance call center solutions for handling customer queries originating from different parts of the country and even abroad. According to the research the level of customer satisfaction increases noticeably after utilizing software solutions in call centers related to management of long distance multiple channel queries.