The Hosted Model

Learn why it is revolutionizaing the contact center industry.
The Hosted Model

Simplifying Contact Center and Agent Desktop Solutions Industry

Here are some questions one would ask thinking about this topic:

1. What types of companies make good candidates for a hosted solution?

2. What are the trends driving the adoption of hosted contact centers?

3. What questions should you ask of a hosting provider?

4. What is the cost of a hosted solution versus an on-premise solution?

The types of companies that make good candidates for a hosted solution would be the following:

1. Small/medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking for advanced functionality

2.  Rapidly growing businesses
3.  Multi-site firms with multiple contact centers

4.  Organizations growing through Merger and Acquisition activity

5.  Enterprises expanding the labor pool with remote agents

6.  Businesses needing contact center business continuity plans

7.  Businesses needing to quickly expand and contract for peak seasons/traffic/campaigns

8.  Enterprises with limited capital for upgrades/expansions

Call center industry is undergoing significant technological, economic and social changes. Here, lower-cost software applications can now be delivered as a service through the Internet and a customer care representative can be an outsourcer in the Philippines, a stay-at-home mom in Texas, or a knowledge agent with a PhD.

Businesses of small and mid-size, as well as larger enterprises, are moving forward to take advantage of hosted benefits: low up-front investment, minimal IT resource requirements, subscription pricing and robust feature suites. Companies of all sizes are on the move to build the contact center of the future: one requiring flexibility, scalability and ease of provisioning. Hosted contact center technology holds the promise of revolutionizing the industry because now there’s a viable alternative to the limitations of premise-based systems. Using hosted contact center solutions, enterprises today are realizing the power and freedom associated with lower TCO, increased ROI and the chance to finally concentrate on serving customers and generating new revenue.