The Next Leap In CRM

Automating customer treatment decisions - the next leap in Customer Realtion Management.
The Next Leap In CRM

Automating Customer Treatment Decisions - The Next Leap in CRM

crm_01Today, considerable resources have been spent implementing CRM technology. But current circumstances suggest that CRM is not being used to empower customers, that many CRM executions fail to respond to customers in a focused and targeted way, and that many call centers are being neglected.

Such issues are problematic in terms of customer satisfaction and operating costs and profits and many have a common root cause: manual decision-making. It makes true self-service impossible, as well as making it difficult to integrate customer preferences into tailored interactions.

Having such a manual decision-making no longer a viable option for businesses, one way for these organizations to achieve CRM value is through decision automation. You would like to know what exactly will it get you? For one, improved customer service. The paper discusses various kinds of potentially automate-able decisions and how they can positively affect customer service.