Call Centers of Tomorrow

Read about the new call centers of tomorrow: two-way video interaction. Discover the facilities of a new type of communication and the reasons for its use; learn the main benefits and drawbacks of two-way video communications.
Call Centers of Tomorrow

For the next several years, specialists state that two-way video communications will become the innovative advanced manner of doing business. The banking system is gradually beginning to install "virtual tellers" at branch establishments, at the same time as the trade industry is actually preparing for introducing "virtual store clerks."
As for the call center industry, they say this very day is approaching when agents will be able to communicate with customers by means of two-way video. This is considered to be a really great idea—there is a diversity of ways that video interaction might be used to improve our every day life in the nearest future.

Individuals employed in the call center industry have been researching the idea of incorporating Internet protocol video in the call centers for a long time, and nowadays, a lot of the software and equipment producers, are eventually prepared to implement this prophecy.

Future of Customer Service
There is no doubt, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome prior to video interaction becomes an ordinary thing. However, there still exists the principal problem of not enough bandwidth on the last-mile networks. 
Besides, there is the plain fact that almost all consumers do not own video phones or video cameras and microphones attached to their computers at home. Maybe more significantly, there exists still a question of how many people truly wish two-way video interaction—whether, in fact, seeing the individual you are communicating with provides enough significance to the customer to make the cost of producing IP video interaction worth it.

Nevertheless, with the principal global wireless service providers cooperating with the telephone manufactures and insistently creating video facilities on their future generation networks, there is no doubt we are approaching the time when two-way video interaction will turn out to be a reality. The same as sophisticated new mobile devices appear on the market and customer demand for them boosts, it is only reasonable that the call center business will follow suit.

Show and Tell
Further in the future there is possibility for using IP video for various consumer service and back up operations that individuals may reach from their homes. For instance, one day an assistant in a tech support center will be capable to show a customer that just purchased new PC how he should lead his new software or maybe find out an installing problem, straight on the screen of his computer.

The capability to show a customer how to do something in reality, rather than tell him via the telephone will certainly have prevailing functions in the nearest future. There is a huge potential for video in call centers and numerous applications of it are quite reasonable. But, like everything in technology, that won’t happen within a night. The equipment and software producers are planning to work on it gradually and steadily.