Call Center Tracking Software

Get to know what call center tracking software allows managers to do and what it consists from.
Call Center Tracking Software

tracking-softwareWith call center tracking software call center managers can have a complete record of every call and other transactions made by call center agents and customers. This software has easy to use features. Besides, it allows even newly hired agents to keep track of their interactions with customers.

There are numerous smaller planes the main screen of the software system is divided into. They are for reporting and displaying different items such as the call map, call log, call details, call assignment and call journal. And the agents enter the caller's information in the designated dialogue boxes, to assign calls to a particular agent. It is also possible for them to create multiple assignments from a single call, each with its own start, acknowledgement and resolution dates and times.

Moreover, it can create lead calls and post them onto a bulletin board, to be accessed by other agents. As for the lead calls, they are usually used to represent a widespread problem or important issue concerning all agents, such as network outrage. And exact this feature allows agents to link subsequent calls for the same problem, to the lead call and finally close all the calls simultaneously, when the issue is resolved.

But some of these software systems do not have an automatic notification system. That's why, the calls generated need to be manually assigned to an agent or group of agents. With this agents can seek out and organize calls into numerous predefined call groups, such as Active Calls, My Active Assignments and Overdue Calls. Besides, there is a classification of incoming calls into different groups. It allows a high level of control over navigation of individual call tickets and other group processes.

It is compatible with almost all CRM software and is used in call centers and can be accessed remotely via a network connection and web browser. And with all these features it is popular with call centers.