Transforming Your Call Center

Find out the ways to transform your call center in order to gain efficiencies.
Transforming Your Call Center

Call center can be transformed in many ways. Actually the transformation is used in order to help the company gain efficiencies. 

A lot of companies create an improved experience with high customer satisfaction by adding more channels of contact. Modern market research shows that a combination of phone, email, self service, and web are becoming the new standard for contact centers. 

If the call-handling groups in contact center are separated then by uniting these groups you can benefit creating the economy of bigger contact centers.  You may keep your call handling groups logically separated, but provide the ability for available call center agents in one field to handle excessive calls in the other field.

Creating an IP contact center will help make your work able to extend, that would mean you could enhance your operation without spending money on expensive build-outs or investments in your company.  Moreover, your IP infrastructure enables you to use and manage remote agents, they can work as if they are physically present in your office. 

Improved agent occupancy can also bring you benefits if you try to blend work into your contact-handling queue.  For example, you can start mixing outbound telemarketing into an service queue or inbound sales.  In case of doing it, you can take the advantage of agent idle time – the time they spend waiting for calls, because then they can fulfill some outbound tasks.  Therefore, your call center agents become much busier.  Despite the inbound volumes of work, the agents can stop making calls in order to handle inbound calls.  Other kinds of outbound contact center activities such as email and chat can be also blended in. 

The maximum efficiency can be reached if you provide your agents with tools.  Screen pops with important information, softphone, easy-to-use agent desktop, and the access to experts in case of necessity of the answers on tough questions will help your company enlarge the number of one-call resolutions and make clients satisfied.  And this way the total call volume in your contact center decreases.