Workforce Management

Learn how to optimize performance for superior customer service.
Workforce Management

Workforce Management: Optimizing Performance for Superior Customer Service

workforceOut of the myriad pressures faced by call center managers in today's customer-centric business environments, staffing remains the most challenging. Managers must not only find workers who can deliver quality service, but they must ensure that they get the right agents with the right skillsets in the right seats at the right time-and they must do so cost-effectively. Morevor, they must retain these agents in a time when call center workers are dealing with increasingly heavier customer volumes, learning new service technologies, and taking on difficult new duties including cross-selling and up-selling. So no wonder that up to 75% of call center costs revolve around personnel.

Such challenges are forcing contact center managers to seriously consider the way they manage their workforces-and are directly responsible for the fact that companies are expected to spend nearly $1.5 billion over the next few years on technologies designed to optimize agent performance. Such technologies, which include training programs, workforce scheduling, skills-based routing, quality monitoring, incentive programs, and analytics, are forming the enabling foundation of comprehensive workforce management strategies.

The paper outlines how large call centers, particularly, need to develop workforce management strategies and adopt the applications needed to execute on them. Spreadsheets, ah-hoc training and quality monitoring may work for smaller call centers, but any call center with more than 60 agents demands automated workforce management technologies.